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The Isle of Man, now known as Mannin, rests on the bottom of the Irish Sea.  It is cut off from the surface world and surrounded by the dark waters of the unknown.  While Mannix, the island's young savior, provides the inhabitants shelter and life through his unique blue energy, Imogen “Genny” Creer uses her unparalleled intelligence to guide the Keepers who protect the island, and prevent Mannin from falling into disarray.


Despite being married to the man she loves, managing the Keepers’ science division, and being seven months pregnant, Genny is far from content.  She is deeply disturbed by her new home and the secrets still kept from her by Ken and her fellow Keepers.  A counter-group called Free Atlantis is gaining ground, and Genny feels like a traitor to find that she agrees with their precepts. Motivated by a laser-focused quest for knowledge and a baby on the way, Genny is determined to restore Mannin to the surface, despite the Keepers fighting against her.  But why would the Keepers want to keep Mannin at the bottom of the sea?  One thing seems certain; both Genny and the Keepers will stop at nothing to get their way.

Blue Sun

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Blue Sun