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A mysterious island with secrets. A brilliant teenage girl whose driving curiosity leads her to probe too deeply. A detached father who disappears. Stalkers at every turn marked with a mysterious tattoo. An unreachable castle that holds all the answers.  
American teenager, Imogen “Genny” Hazard, dreads moving to the Isle of Man. Aside from leaving behind her home and school, she has to deal with her scientist father who has been growing more distant over the years since her mother died in a tragic accident. Once on the island, Genny’s father quickly abandons her to work at his lab through the evenings, leaving Genny alone to cope with fitting in at her new school. She soon befriends a group of geeks, however, as well as the hot captain of the swim team, Ken. He and Genny click right off the bat, even though she secretly questions why someone like Ken would be interested in a geek like her. Despite her reservations, she finds herself falling for him, but backs off when she learns the disturbing truth about Ken. 
Plagued by paranormal mysteries and tattooed stalkers, Genny doesn't know who to trust. In time, she discovers the true circumstances behind her mother's death and her father's motives behind moving to the Isle of Man. It turns out that the island is more a part of her life than she could have ever imagined. With the help of an enigmatic glowing blue boy, Genny faces a threat from someone she cares about and fights to prevent her world from being destroyed.  
The fate of the island rests in the hands of one girl.




A mysterious urban fantasy for young adults and adults alike, Tracy Abrey’s debut is a fascinating coming of age tale that explores the importance of family, the influence of our past on our present, and our need above all to find the truth. Incorporating and molding existing Manx folklore to create a new, unique mythology, its layered, intricate use of character and plot gives it the complexity and richness it deserves while never losing its pace or inventiveness. Filled with riveting mystery and almost unbearable suspense, Blue Sun is a first-rate page-turner that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next adventure. 


Blue Sun

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Blue Sun