The Abrey motto of the moment is from the current Chef Boyardee commercial where a kid is dancing like crazy in the kitchen, looks over and see "the chef" staring at him from the ravioli can and the chef says, "Chef don't judge."  This is also how I feel about going to Planet Comicon. Everyone can geek out and dress crazy and everyone else is just fine with that.

Where can you go to get autographs from your childhood heroes?  The Comicon.  Where can you go dressed like Pikachu and not get beat up?  The Comicon.  Where do you unabashedly walk up to complete strangers and take pictures with them because they're dressed like a character you love?  The Comicon!

Over the weekend, I met Wolverine and Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa and I squealed like a little girl!..because as far as I was concerned, it was them!


I also met the people behind the characters; Ray Park, Lee Meriwether, Wil Wheaton, Lou Ferrigno...  By the way, I don't know where the Fountain of Youth Ms. Meriwether and Mr. Ferrigno have been sipping from is, but they should share it's location.  They look FABULOUS!



Comicon is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Be who you are at the Comicon 'cause Chef don't judge.

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