I'm not even going to pretend that we got VIP tickets to the screening of the movie "42" because we're such big baseball fans.  My husband is British, so he often slips and calls baseball "cricket", and I, well, I'm a girl.  We went for one and only one reason.  To meet Harrison Ford.  

Using ninja-like stealth, we intercepted Harrison at an elevator.  While he couldn't pose for a pic with me (I asked! and he replied "I wish I could, but I've got to keep moving."), my husband took this picture of him while we briefly spoke and I got to shake his hand.  I may never wash that hand again.  

The big surprise of the evening for me was how much I appreciated "42".  I was expecting a baseball movie, but it was more about Jackie Robinson's struggle to be allowed to use his God-given talent.  It was truly moving.  

So that's how I met Han Solo, I mean Indiana Jones, I mean Harrison Ford.  It was a bizarrely huge moment for me and I was actually a bit misty afterward.  I have, after all, had a crush on that man for over half my life.  Yes, we did the math.

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