It's been a long and beautiful summer, full of travel and fun with my family.  A major project of my daughter's and mine has been making a fairy hotel to put in our yard for the area fairies.  


It was ironic that we had already begun our project when a friend alerted us to the fairy houses of nearby Firefly Forest.  I encourage you to visit this website to see this magical place!  (  Here are a few discoveries we made during our visit.



fairy house



My daughter, however, had felt the need to provide for the more transient fairies in our neighborhood, thus our hotel.  It has taken a lot of work, but the hotel opened this evening!  First, we purchased a pre-made wooden doll house (or castle) from Michael's craft store.  My daughter and I both took our turns painting with outdoor acrylic paint.  My daughter was quick to point out that it didn't look very comfortable, so she made all the furniture (6 beds and a sofa) with Crayola Model Magic, and I crocheted blankets for each bed to keep the fairies warm as the weather cools off.  

fairy house hotel



fairy house


I have to admit, I wish I were small enough to stay the night there myself.  

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