2013 was big for me.  It was the fulfillment of what was literally a life-long dream - to become an author.  Blue Sun, my first published novel, became available to the public with surprisingly strong initial sales and a fantastic turn out at the book launch.  So what does one do in 2014 after achieving that kind of personal goal?  To quote Walt Disney, "Keep moving forward."

Blue Sun is only the beginning of Genny Hazard's story.  I'm working on the sequel now and hope to have that in your hands in December 2014.  That's THIS year folks!  I have also begun booking speaking engagements around the extensive travel plans I have.  The third (and final?) installment on the Blue Sun saga is a heavier project, but I'd like to have that out to you in December 2015.  

What about after that?  I am a storyteller.  Always have been.  And I have a lot of stories to tell.

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Blue Sun

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